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How much does a housekeeper cost in Malaysia?

A woman raised her eyebrows when she offered to pay RM3,800 per month salary to hire a maid.

The woman, Denise Chong, posted on Facebook that she was looking for a maid to look after her two children aged 10 and 6.

The maid is also expected to be able to cook and clean the house. -gaji-rm3800-sebulan%2F

Why You Should Pay Your Maid More

The salary offered has been talked about as it is higher than many jobs that require a college degree.

Yet, at the same time, netizens said being a housekeeper was not an easy job.

While they have better options, many Malaysians dislike domestic work, which means hard work, long hours and low wages.

Unless the benefits are great enough, most won’t want to quit the job they’re already doing.

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It is therefore up to employers to be pragmatic and generous.

Some pointed out that even cooks can be paid up to RM6,000.

Previously, there was a shortage of housekeepers due to the closure of international borders.

The situation is aggravated by the expiry of the work permits of most foreign domestic workers.

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