All Things Florida Consulting launched this week as a former American Representative Tom FeeneyR-Fla.; Dr. Ed Moorethe former president of the Florida Independent Colleges and Universities (ICUF); and Ryan Visco Fiest who served as a management analyst and program director at Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (WD) have partnered.

The new company “will assist Florida-based organizations, associations, service delivery groups, and other entities by helping them identify, secure, and manage federal, state, and philanthropic funding for Florida-based corporations. projects” and “provide policy and funding solutions to associations and local governments in Florida and assist clients by facilitating the process so they can build capacity and programs to meet their needs and those of their members” .

Besides his time in Congress, Feeney served in the Florida houserising to be a speaker, and worked as president and CEO of the Florida Associated Industries. Moore was the executive director of RESET Florida to help the Sunshine State bounce back from the pandemic and served as staff director for policy at Florida House. Visco Fierst, who is an attorney, served on Feeney’s congressional staff and served as director of public policy for the Virginia Chamber of Commerce,.

“We’re the third largest state and still growing,” said Moore, a longtime Florida Daily contributor. “Our diverse population, especially our large population of seniors, requires increased attention to health and well-being. In the meantime, it is essential that we work with our partners and state stakeholders to find solutions. to meet the immense labor needs facing our state.We know that labor is a top priority for our clients, regardless of industry, and our team has the collective years of experience to help them develop program strategies to meet those needs.

“Our mission and vision is to connect Florida stakeholders with potential fundraising resources at the federal, state, and local levels, and to ensure they have the tools they need to meet the challenges of the J’ look forward to working with this team to help our clients build legacy projects that keep our state ever competitive and resilient,” Feeney said.

“It is a great privilege to work with two individuals whom I have long considered mentors in my professional career and who have both worked to bring common sense, fiscally sound solutions to our state for so many years” , said Visco Premier“I am excited to join this partnership and use my background in law, public policy, and program and grant management to help Florida associations and local governments build capacity and seek funding solutions. ”

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