Police at Gulu Central Station are detaining a 33-year-old man for allegedly impersonating a senior officer working both at the police headquarters in Kampala and the State House anti-corruption unit.

Police identified the suspect as Baker Ali Serunjogi, a resident of Kamswahili Cell, East Division of Soroti Town.

The suspect arrived at Gulu Central Police Station on November 6 and reportedly identified himself as ASP Serunjogi Baker Ali attached to the East Kyoga Region ICT Department.

After entering his contact details under the name GSDREF: 6/35/11/2021, Serunjogi proceeded to the arrest and detention at the CPS of Gulu, a suspect whom he claimed to have followed by telephone.

The next day, Serunjogi was summoned by regional CID officers to AsWA police headquarters about the case after delaying his return to the station.

Upon his arrival at the CID regional offices, police detectives became suspicious of him when he changed his title to AIP Serunjogi Baker Ali attached to the East Kygoga region.

“This raised further questions as the two ranks vary a lot and his conduct and composition have betrayed him,” an officer at the CID regional headquarters said on condition of anonymity.

When asked to give his admission to the police he said it was the 16th admission but when asked in more detail for his case number he replied K70180.

“So you will find that the man is called a different name and different ranks and his file number starts with a different letter that is not even at the beginning of any of his names. suspicion and we continued to question him further, ”the source said.

Serunjogi allegedly quickly rigged a phone call when asked to explain the meaning of ‘K’ in his name and attempted to flee the scene, but he was immediately apprehended by police.

“He realized things were getting worse and he faked a phone call and apologized for being allowed to go out and answer the call. When he got out he tried to run away but we quickly pursued and arrested him, charged and detained him at the CPS. “

While a file with SD number Ref: 6/29/11/2021 with identity theft charges has been opened against him, police investigations have revealed that Serunjogi had extorted money from several other people. unsuspecting across the country.

Mr. David Ongom, the spokesperson for the AsWA regional police force, told this reporter that they discovered that the suspect had impersonated the CID headquarters in Kampala while engaging some of the victims.

“At the CPS he introduced himself as an attaché to the CID headquarters, to other officers he introduced himself as an attach to the State House anti-corruption unit and in other cases as an attach to the CMI “Mr. Ongom said.

Mr Ongom said the suspect confessed to being a local phone tracker in Soroti and admitted to extorting money from various victims.

“He confessed that he is a phone tracker. That he went to Gulu to track a suspicious woman’s phone and that the suspect gave him Shs 300,000. He said he had until now extorted money from over 60 people. We also found out that he even booked himself into Corner Kamdini while doing the same activities, “added the police spokesman.