Zoë Kravitz, or should we say, “girl”, please never stop this train wreck of a bridesmaid speech. On “Saturday Night Live” on March 12, “The Batman” actress made her hosting debut with a powerful opening monologue and a stylish selection of ’90s outfits, but one of her most hilarious sketches came at her friend’s wedding. For anyone who has attended a wedding recently, this will hit close to home. Not only is Kravitz’s speech a bride’s worst nightmare, but the look on the groom’s face is pure panic as well. As Cecily Strong’s bridesmaid, Sarah truly opens her husband’s eyes to the reality of his “girl.”

Kravitz talks about how Tanya is a supportive and reliable friend, supporting her when she repeatedly drank too much. “And when she’s going through a tough time herself, she doesn’t complain, she dances. Professionally,” Kravitz says as Sarah. She goes on to roast her best friend’s husband’s performance in the bedroom and how he compares “to the hundreds and hundreds of guys she’s dragged home over the years.” (Yes, including the entire “Jackass” cast.)

“After your first date, she said, ‘I met my person’, and she deleted all the dating apps. Match, Tinder, Choke Pony…all of them. At least I think she did it.” Matt discovers his three phones, his children and much more. Watch the hilarious and incriminating speech from the maid of honor at Kravitz’s “SNL” hosting debut above.