A recently introduced rewards scheme which has been linked to the house system at a Flintshire high school, is already being hailed as a huge success.

There are five houses at Flint High School, all named after Welsh mountains, to give each student a sense of community within the school.

Part of Sam Harbor’s new role as Associate Director was to rejuvenate the reward system.

She explained: “I looked at how we could combine the way we reward students for achievement with the existing house system, which has worked so successfully at school.

“By deploying the house system, students can now collect achievement points individually and for their house.”

Each house has two “mountain chiefs” who are prefects. Their role is to help run their house, and there are weekly competitions or “missions” where they can earn points for their house. These points can be for good uniform standards, punctuality, good deeds, use of Welsh and participation in internal competitions such as the eco-challenge or raising awareness of initiatives such as Red Nose Day.

The new trophies which are awarded to the “best form of the week”.

There’s also a league scoreboard to chart progress and trophies are awarded weekly for “best form of the week”. The goal is to reach the top of the “mountain” by the end of the term and a house prize will be awarded to the winners during the summer term.

For individual awards, there is a ‘Star of the Week’ which is awarded to a student in each year group to recognize their achievement, and a pricing system whereby students reaching a certain milestone will be rewarded with certificates and leader of the year awards. and the headteacher.

Ms Harbor added: “Flint High School is all about positivity and celebrating hard work and success. This is the culture we want at school for our learners. The house system does that; students are more aware of the achievement points they have earned and enjoy trophies at school.

“It’s starting to create a more positive mindset among the students, which is fantastic, and I think it’s given them new energy after the tough times we’ve all been through.”