White House staff are said to be upset to be excluded from holiday events, according to a new report from PoliticsWest Wing Playbook.

The report says the morale of many staff in President Joe Biden’s administration is incredibly low, with a number of employees looking to leave the White House in the near future. Likewise, a large part of the junior staff report that management is disconnected from the rest of the administration.

Additionally, many were not invited to White House events, and many staff could only attend the White House Independence Day event if they volunteered without pay. , according to the report, while invitations to events like Turkey’s Pardon and Christmas tree lighting were handed out by lot, which excluded many staff.

The administration also used a lottery system for holiday visits for just three days, while White House operations offered an additional five days for non-White House staff.

“No one expects business as usual during the pandemic, but it’s beyond demoralizing, it’s insulting – especially when you see the staff at DNC ​​and Hill and other DC guys. be invited, “said a staff member in reference to the staff at Capitol Hill or the Democratic National Committee. . “Many colleagues have raised this question to me without being invited. And friends in DC asked me if I wanted to have coffee after they attended. During this time, we are working here, and most of us have never worked here before or have never set foot in the White House.

The staff member added, “It is also hypocritical and ironic that a president whose brand is built on empathy and family has staff policies that go against that brand. It’s not pretty and it’s iconic of how this place works.