THE WOODLANDS, TX – Middle school students at Woodlands Christian Academy were pumped up on their first day of school, partly because it was the first day, but mostly because they were eager to discover their destiny when of the very first sorting ceremony.

PHOTO: Middle school students from Woodlands Christian Academy reached into a bowl, grabbed an envelope and then opened it to find a colorful wristband, showing which house they would be in for the rest of their college years.

Introducing a new house system to middle school, students in grades 5-8 were randomly assigned to five different houses, with each house containing a mix of all four years. Designed to create an increasingly positive and vibrant school climate that celebrates excellence, fosters school spirit, builds and strengthens relationships, and promotes a culture of belonging for all – the five houses each have their own unique name, color , symbol and characteristics, with members of the house shaping distinct personalities and values ​​over time.


John Cooper School February 2022
  • Rhizoo (to reinforce with roots) – The House of Strength embodies a solid foundation and is deeply rooted in Jesus. They are ready to defend the faith in the face of strong opposition.
  • Veritas (truth) – House Veritas is characterized by integrity as it seeks to discern biblical truth in a fallen world. Their quest for the truth aims to enlighten those around them.
  • Mathets (intentional discipline) – Maison Mathetes is eager to learn and to become a disciple. They intentionally study the word to grow in their faith so they can be ambassadors of the gospel.
  • Inspiro (to breathe) – The purpose of Maison Inspiro is to encourage, excite and create. They desire to use the life and gifts that God has breathed into them to glorify God and be a light in the world.
  • Sharath (servant/devotion) – The purpose of the House of Sharath is to serve and uplift others in the service of the King. Their service is stimulated by their love for their Master and their devotion to Him, and they are devoted to the accomplishment of His purpose.

Thrilling theatrical music blared from the speakers in Ruth Auditorium as middle schoolers waited their turn to find out which house they would be in. When they saw their name on screen, they went on stage, reached for a bowl, grabbed an envelope and then opened it to find a colorful bracelet, indicating which house they would be in for the rest of their years. of college. Faculty members from each house welcomed their new members with hugs, claps and fist bumps, determined to make their house the best!


During the school year, the five houses will meet at the Middle School Mash Up and compete in different challenges for points. Points will be tallied throughout the year to determine a champion at the end of the school year.

Although there are five houses, they form a college – The House of Joy. The college years can be tough (for everyone involved – students, parents, teachers) as students find their way and become who they are. Woodlands Christian is excited about all the relationships, transformations and celebrations that will take place through the new house system and is confident that it will make the college experience more unified and solid.

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Woodlands Christian offers a rigorous academic program with faith built into the curriculum and extracurricular activities, providing students with college preparation starting in grade 8. They have seen unprecedented growth this year and are still accepting applications for fall 2022, but there are waiting lists in several tiers.

Woodlands Christian Academy is an independent, Christ-centered college preparatory school that integrates learning with biblical faith and spiritual growth, and challenges students to reach their highest potential – intellectually, creatively, physically and socially – for the glory of Jesus Christ. For more information, visit