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Yes, White House staff need to be vaccinated against COVID-19

(KWQC) – UPDATE: TV6 clarifies who is covered by the federal mask mandate. According to USA Today and the New York Times, the mandate only covers employees in the executive branch of government. According to USA Today, because the warrant was issued in the form of an executive order, it can only apply to people working in this industry.

This means that members of Congress, including staff, and federal court employees are not mandated by the president to be fully immunized.

UPDATE: TV6 has received questions and concerns from our viewers regarding this fact check. Many people citing a video of a White House press briefing with press secretary Jen Psaki saying the White House had not mandated the vaccine for staff.

Psaki responded to a question from a reporter about a warrant, saying there was no warrant in place. It was July 23, 2021. Six days later, on July 29, President Joe Biden announced the vaccine mandate for federal employees, which includes White House staff. Unvaccinated workers must wear masks, social distancing, and take weekly tests to confirm they are COVID-negative.

ORIGINAL: An image has gone viral claiming White House staff are not required to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

It’s wrong.

In fact, the vaccine is mandatory for all White House, CDC, and FDA staff, as well as the three manufacturers of the COVID-19 vaccine used in the United States.

According to a PolitiFact article, on August 19, an image went viral claiming that several federal organizations did not require the vaccine for employees. He quickly took steam and circulated the web. TV6 received questions from viewers to find out if this was true.

The only exact part of the picture is that the World Health Organization is not mandating vaccines, stating ethical concerns.

On July 29, President Joe Biden issued the vaccination warrant for all federal employees. Unvaccinated workers must wear masks, social distancing and take weekly tests to confirm they are COVID-negative.

On August 20, Moderna made vaccines mandatory for employees by October 1. Pfizer / BioNTech made the vaccine mandatory on August 4. Johnson & Johnson announced that all employees must be vaccinated by October 4.

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