The housekeeper I hired recently is mysterious is a charming new comedy anime found in the summer 2022 anime season, telling the story of orphan tsundere Yuuri and his enigmatic new maid, the charming Lilith. The two make an odd but wholesome pair, and despite Yuuri’s reservations, they’ve grown quite close.

By now Yuuri thinks he is actually in love with his maid, and when Lilith disappeared for an afternoon, Yuuri panicked and almost cried. Obviously, Yuuri is sensitive and vulnerable when it comes to her maid, and in recent episodes Yuuri has expressed her fears again. Luckily for him, those fears are largely unfounded, but they say a lot about the plot and about Yuuri himself.

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Yuuri’s Ongoing Character Arc Featuring Lilith and Her Fears

As a defensive tsundere, Yuuri likes to act tough and project an air of aloof confidence, and no one can fault him for that. The boy is more vulnerable and needy than he has ever been in light of the recent death of his parents, and he is all alone in the big house. Even a grown man would feel lonely in there, let alone a 10-year-old boy like Yuuri, and he urgently needed Lilith to not only do the chores, but also fill that space. Above all, Yuuri needs his mysterious new maid to fill the void in his heart, which is why he sees her not only as a hired help, but almost as a substitute mother. Yuuri can’t stand the thought of Lilith leaving for any reason, but he still worries about it.

An example is a scene from Episode 7, when Yuuri visited his friend Tsukasa’s luxury estate. Unlike Yuuri, the charming dandere Tsukasa has several maids on her staff, with Fujisaki being just one of many servants, and Tsukasa also has her parents, meaning she has it all as a young scion. . Both she and Yuuri are obviously of noble blood, but Yuuri has very little to show other than his huge household and Lilith’s devotion to him. Yuuri felt intimidated during his visit not because he envied Tsukasa’s family’s wealth but because he imagined Lilith quitting her job to work for Tsukasa’s family instead. Yuuri noted that this job would pay better and reduce the pressure on the lonely Lilith, and he even told Tsukasa.

However, Tsukasa dismissed her friend’s fears, certain that the kind and loyal Lilith would never abandon Yuuri to get a better salary in this greater field. Tsukasa was probably right, but even if he was, those worries speak volumes about Yuuri’s emotional state. Even though it’s all in his head, Yuuri is more vulnerable than ever and he just views Lilith as just another thing he stands to lose. If he can lose his parents and their staff, he could also lose Lilith, and it may just be a matter of when and how, not if. For all her kindness, it seems that Lilith has yet to prove to Yuuri that she is 100% personally devoted to him, and does so to support Yuuri rather than paycheck. Even though Tsukasa’s family offered to pay Lilith a fortune, Lilith would decline the offer and continue working for Yuuri. However, Yuuri doesn’t see it that way yet, and it sets the stage for drama later. Yuuri’s inner turmoil rages.

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If Yuuri’s worst fears come true

There’s no reason for Housemaid viewers expect Lilith to quit her job in Yuuri’s domain and work in Tsukasa’s domain alongside her friend Fujisaki, but even so, Yuuri’s worries in Episode 7 might prove prophetic. In the name of drama and conflict, Something must threaten to tear Yuuri and Lilith apart, otherwise the Housemaid the anime will just spin in circles. Even comedy anime series need substance for their plots, and Housemaid has certainly had some dramatic and tense moments before, like when Lilith received some disturbing letters in the mail. Yuuri is right to remain on guard, even if he gets the exact details of the impending problem wrong.

Even though Lilith won’t change jobs to work for Tsukasa, Yuuri’s concerns might end up being an example of foreshadowing after all. Whoever sent these letters to Lilith may soon act, and this time Lilith and Yuuri may be torn apart for real. What Yuuri fears is not just Lilith working for Tsukasa’s estate, but the general idea of ​​Lilith being taken from him for some reason. The mysterious nature of this threat contributes to generate tensions and will allow the Housemaid anime to surprise viewers, which should make for an exciting final arc. By comparison, having Lilith switch jobs to work for Tsukasa would not only be out of place for Lilith, but also too simple and obvious to be a real twist. Yuuri’s friend, Tsukasa, and her estate are not his real enemy and never will be, but even so, Yuuri has reason to be concerned. It’s not over yet.