The summer 2022 season is now well underway, with the brand new anime The maid I recently hired is mysterious finally joining an already dazzling range. It’s the story of a lonely heir named Yuuri and his new maid but mysterious, Lilith. Yuuri doesn’t even know where to start with her.

So far, The maid is mysterious is shaping up to be a wholesome, G-rated rom-com between a lonely boy and his gorgeous new maid, though the premiere suggests Yuuri might be his worst enemy. The real problem isn’t Lilith’s mysterious nature – it’s Yuuri’s unbridled imagination, which often gets the better of him.

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The The housekeeper I hired recently is mysterious The first episode sets up the general premise, with Yuuri being a lonely young boy determined to run his late parents’ small estate on his own. He thinks he can take care of all the chores himself, but despite his admirable determination, he can’t. Yuuri is a proactive and willful boy, but he can’t do much on his own in this house. Luckily for him, the mysterious maid Lilith soon appears and volunteers to work there without pay. It’s a convenient arrangement, but the cautious and imaginative Yuuri is wary of his new maid from the start. He won’t take anything she says or does at face value, no matter how helpful she may be.

Not only does Yuuri follow Lilith to glean clues to her origins and motivations, but he also lets his imagination get the better of him to fill in the blanks. Yuuri clearly can’t stand the tension and mysteries, and having this mysterious maid freaks him out. This in turn fuels his wild imagination, where he imagines Lilith as a scheming witch brewing love potions. He even thinks Lilith is a witch, using magic to easily clean up the little mansion.

There’s no sign that Lilith actually has supernatural powers but Yuuri keeps imagining it anyway, and Lilith finds it funny. She takes pride in her work, but if Yuuri wants to pretend to explain her advanced skills, that’s fine too. Yuuri might even insult Lilith by suggesting that this caliber of work is impossible without magic, but she takes it in stride. Maybe she takes it more of a compliment, just letting Yuuri imagine what he wants.

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On the surface level, Yuuri’s overactive imagination can fuel all sorts of comical hijinks and misunderstandings, like thinking Lilith slipped a love potion into her soup or imagining she’s casting spells to clean the house. . It’s harmless fun, but there may be something darker beneath the surface. It seems The maid I recently hired is mysteriousYuuri’s central premise isn’t just a gimmick – it’s a glimpse into Yuuri’s mental state, and the diagnosis is grim. Poor Yuuri is clearly even more miserable than his vaguely tsundere personality suggests.

Yuuri’s imagination suggests he’s a creative kid, but not for the most inspiring reasons. His loneliness stems from the recent death of his parents in a car accident, and he obviously isn’t handling his grief so well. He tries a little too hard to prove himself as the new head of the family and is too proud to accept Lilith’s help at face value. Above all, Yuuri’s wild imagination suggests that he is afraid of everything around him and not quite ready to live on his own. Maybe deep down he loves having Lilith, but he’ll need more than fresh laundry and good meals to get used to it all.

By the way, Yuuri’s wild imagination could also fuel some unreliable storytelling scenes, especially since Lilith isn’t too quick to correct him on such matters. She often plays with her creative imagination, which could lead to many funny misunderstandings in the future, all with tragic undertones. Yuuri has a long way to go, and his own mind is his worst enemy so far.